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More Than Ordinary - Example

After writing about our tendency as believers to aim low and overstate our impact, I saw a quote from a prominent ministry leader that demonstrates exactly what I was trying to describe. Keep in mind, I am in no way questioning this leader or the intentions of the statement he made; I am simply using the quote to illustrate the point I attempted to make in the “More Than Ordinary” post. This is the quote:

“You never know who God is using you to impact. You may be planting a seed, watering a planted seed, or being used to usher God centered growth in someone’s life. Even if you don’t see it, keep going!”

There is absolutely some truth in this statement. As encouraging as it sounds, however, this is the kind of thing that is keeping believers stagnant and unengaged in the mission. Every believer feels a gap in their life. We all understand to some degree that we are not going “all out” for God’s kingdom. But instead of equipping believers to change that, we just affirm them with where they’re at. People feel the gap of “I’m not making an impact” and we combat it with “Oh yes you are!” instead of equipping them to change. Why would anyone want to aim higher when they are led to believe that their current, “unknown” impact is limitless?

When we simply affirm others without casting vision for the greater things that God wants to do through them, we risk perpetuating complacency among those God is preparing to be the labor force in His harvest.

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