Paradigm Shift

Back in 2016, I began experiencing a strong feeling of discontent with how we live as believers. Instead of being satisfied with "God can use me", I wanted to experience what it was like to be used to the max! Comparing my life to the lives of believers in the book of Acts, I saw a great disconnect. I wrestled with this for several months until God shifted my paradigm. I was introduced to other believers who felt the same tension and were making efforts to live differently. I got a taste of what it looks like to truly seek God's kingdom as the highest priority, and I have experienced life transformation like never before. It is such a privilege to live for a purpose that will not fail, and I am forever grateful to be able to run this race alongside my brothers and sisters at FBC Allen. I decided to start writing out some of the things I am learning along with encouragement for us all to sacrifice more for the sake of Christ. May we all be willing to give whatever it takes to see no place left where the name of Jesus is not known!